“Silent Slaves”

ARE WE REALLY DEVELOPING? Extreme poverty and lack of education and employment make girls more vulnerable to being trafficked from rural areas to big cities in India. In a six-bed women’s ward in New Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital lies a frail 15-year-old girl. Her face and head are bandaged, leaving visible only a bruised blue-black eye and […]

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Tears of a butterfly

​ Last night near the lake, I sat by a butterfly. She flew to a pebble, numb; While a tear fell from her eye. Rested a while and took flight again; Dragged her body around the place, Kept to float without a rhyme, Crammed with eternal pain. Ending the stern glide, took halt by a […]

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“One last time”

It was the last day in college. Emotions were at an all-time high. The moment which we dreaded the most had arrived.The fear of not seeing each other again for a very long time or maybe forever was looming large.It was the time to say a final goodbye to everyone. Selfies, handshakes and high fives […]

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“Falling in love With You”

I ​fell in love with how your smile formed every time you looked at her, how your eyes narrowed a bit and your lips gracefully stretched into that godly smile of yours. I fell in love with the fervor I saw in your eyes, each time you looked at her, without her noticing. I fell in […]

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​ Edit “I flipped through my childhood photographs, holding the thick album in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in another. Every photograph brought a myriad different memories and emotions. Nostalgia at its best, on a cloudy Sunday morning. I looked up from the album and gazed out of the glass window. It […]

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“Inside Here”

Few weeks have passed, and I could still hear the thumping beats of that sound. I have no idea where the sound is coming from. But I don’t have any complaint; in fact this soft thumping helps in killing the otherwise dead silence around. I really like it. But, this silent uninterrupted whooshing of fluid […]

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